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Since its foundation in 1990, Unigypt Trade aims to provide the Egyptian scientific and educational society with its needs of laboratory apparatus and illustrative tools & equipment.

Being the leader in its field, Unigypt Trade has focused on trading the top quality tools, apparatus and equipment including laboratory equipment, school aids, balances, microscopes, glassware and projectors. To ensure the top quality, Unigypt Trade has selected its venders to be the best in that sophisticated field. Among those venders are:

TGI (Technical Glasswerke Ilmenau). from Germany.
Arihant Industries. from India.
MLW-Intermed. from Germany.
OSAW. from India.
Unimex-Holding LTd. from Poland.
GEO from China.

Unigypt Trade has gained its good reputation due to its unique way in managing business through accurate and quick response to its customers needs and calls for maintenance and any other technical support.

Due to this reputation, Unigypt Trade has caught a very good market share in Egypt including many respected governmental organizations and business sector companies.
The list of course is very long and some of them are detailed in separate section in the site.

To cope with information area, our web site is introduced as a part of our effort to satisfy our vendors, customers and respected visitors. So please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or give your comments and suggestions.

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