OSAW Products Index

** A **

A.C. Ammeters-Votmeters
Accessories kit, Linear Air Track
Accessories for Optical Benches
Adjustable Double Lens Holder
Adjustable Slit
Advanced Spectrometer
Aepinus Condenser
Air Blower
Air Pump
Air Track, Linear
Analog Meters
Analytical Balance
Analytical Fractional Weight
Analytical Weight Box
Aneroid Barometer
Angle Dekkor
Astronomical Telescope
Audio Generator
Automobile Mechanism, Differential
Automobile Mechanism, Gear Box
Automobile Mechanism, Single Drive Plate
Automobile Mechanism, Steering
Automobile Mechanism, Turbine/Pump

** B **

Balance Analytical
Balance Bridge
Balance Lever
Balance Physical
Balance Spring
Balance Triple Beam
Ballistic Gaivanometer
Ball & Ring Apparatus
Bar and Gauge
Bar, Magnet
Barlow's Wheel
Barometer Aneroid
Bath Sand
Bath Water
Beaker Tong
Bench Photometer
Bench, Optical
Biots Conductor
Biprism Expt. on Optical Bench
Biprism Fresnel's
Blocks Acrylic, Biconcave
Blocks Acrylic, Biconvex
Blocks Acrylic, Optical
Blocks Acrylic, Prism
Blocks Acrylic, Rectangular
Blocks Acrylic, Semi-Circular
Blocks Acrylic, Trapezoidal
Blower, Air
Board, Dissecting
Boiler, Steam
Borer, Cork
Bottle, Spe6rfic Gravity
Box Resistance
Box for X-Ray Tube
Boyle's Law Apparatus
Braman's Hydrostatic Press
Bridge Kelvin
Bridge Microscope
Bridge Portable Wheatstone
Bridge, Wheatstone
Bucket and Cylinder
Bunsen Burner
Bunsen Grease Spot Photometer
Bunsen Grease Spot Photometer
Bunsen Screw Clip
Burette Stand
Burette with Stop Cock
Burner Bunsen
Burner Mecker

** C **

Calliper Vernier
Calorimeter Joule's
Calorimeter Schuter and Lee's
Calorimeter, Copper
Camera Pinhole Kit
Capillary Apparatus
Carbon Electrodes
Carriages of Optical Benches
Cathetometer Standard
Cathetometer Universal
Cell Holder
Cell Standard
Centisecond Timer
Centrifuge Tubes Graduated
Centrifuge Tubes Hand
Centering Pin
Clamp, Retort
Clinostat Electric
Clips, Bunsen Screw
Clips, Mohr
Clutch Mechanism (Single Drive Plate)
Coil Resistance
Coil, Induction
Collimator Defintion
Colour Filters
Commercial Galvanometer
Communicating Vessel
Commutator (MIP) reversing key
Commutator Reversing Key
Compact Newton's Rings Apparatus
Compass Box
Compass Plotting
Composite Optics Kit
Compound Pendulum Kater's
Compound Pendulum Reversible
Compound Strip
Concave Lens
Concave Mirror
Condenser Aepinus
Conductivify Attachment
Conductivity Kit
Conductivity of Metal's Apparatus
Conductors Biot's
Conductors Conical
Conductors Cylindrical
Conductors Spherical
Conical Conductor
Constant Voltage Source
Convex Lens
Convex Mirror
Copper Plate
Copper Vottameter
Cork Borer
Cork Borer Sharpner
Cork Press
Crooke's Radiometer
Crown Glass Prism
Crucible Tong
Cube, Leslie's
Cubes Metallic
Current Meter
Current Reversing Switch
Cylinder Specific Heat
Cylindrical Conductor
Cylindrical Magnet

** D **

D'Arsonval Galvanometer
DC Source
Demonstration Meters lnterscale
Decade Capacitor Boxes
Decade Resistance Box (Dial Type)
Definitjon on Optical Bench
Deflagrating Spoon
Deflection Magnetometer
Demonstration Dynamo
Demonstration Meter
Demonstration Meters Extra Large
Demonstration Motor
Demonstration Transformer
Demountable Transformer Set
Desk Meters with Transparent Acrylic
Desk Type Meters
Dial Type Resistance Boxes
Differential Mechanism
Digital Multimeters
Digital Resistance Meter
Dioptre Telescope
Dip Circle
Dip Needle
Disc, Newton
Dish, Dissecting
Displacement Vessel
Dissecting Board
Dissecting Dish
Dissecting Microscope
Dissecting Set
Distillation Assembly
Distillation Flask
Double Mirror Fresnel's
Double Rod Lens Holder
Double Rod Optical Bench
Double Slit Young's
Double Tube Rheostat
Dynamic Trolley
Dynamic Trolley Track

** E **

Educational Galvanometers
Electric Bell Demonstration
Electric whirl
Electrical Meters
Electrodes Carbon
Electrodes Platinum
Electrodynamo Meters
Electromagnetic Kit, West Minister
Electroscope, Gold Leaf
Engine Models, 2 Stroke Diesel
Engine Models, 4 Stroke Petrol
Engine Models, Steam (Electrically Operated)
Engine Models, Steam Locomotive Design
Engine Models, Steam (Fuel) Type
Engine Models, Wankel Rotary
Equilateral Prism
Expansion Apparatus Linear
Expansion Apparatus Micrometer Type
Expansion of Liquid Apparatus
Extra Dense Flint Prism
Extra Large Demonstration Meter
Eyepiece Micrometer
Eyepiece Ramsden

** F **

Fabry Perot Interferometer
Falling Body Apparatus
Faraday's Coil
Faraday's Ice Pails
Film Strip and Slide Projector
Filter, Colours
Filters for Simple Polarimeter
Flask, Distillation
Fletcher's Trolley
Fluorescent Screen
Focaulrs Knife Edge
Focometer Bench
Force Pump
Force Table, Universal
Force on a Conductor Balance
Fork, Tuning
Four-stroke Petrol Engine
Fresnel's Biprism
Fresnel's Double Mirror
Function Generator
Funnel Stand

** G **

'g' by Free Fall Apparatus
Gauge and Bar Apparatus
Gear Box
Generator, Van De Graff
Glass Slab
Gold Leaf Electroscope

** H **

Hand & Table Microtome
Hand Centrifuge
Hand Microtome
Hare's Apparatus
Hartley's Rotatable Optical Disc
Helix, Wave Form
Hoffman Voltameter
Holder, Lens
Holder, Test Tube
Hook's Law Apparatus
Hope's Apparatus
Horizontal Vertical Microscope
Horse Shoe Magnet
Hydraulic Press
Hygrometer, Wet and Dry Bulb

** I **

Ice Pails, Faraday's
Inclined Plane
Induced Current Apparatus
Induction Coil
I ngenhausz Apparatus
Inter Scale Demonstration Meter
Interference on I nterferometer
Iris Diaphragm
Iron Wire Gauge
Iron Wire, Triangular

** J **

Jolly's Photometer
Joule's Calorimeter

** K **

Kelvin Bridges
Kinetic Theory Model
Knife Edge Focault's
Knife Switch

** L **

Laboratory Microscope
Lamp and Scale
Laser I nterferometer
Lathe Bed Type Optical Bench
Laurent's Half Shade Polarimeter
Lens Double Concave
Lens Double Convex
Lens Holder
Lens Holders
Lens Newton's Rings Apparatus
Lens Set of Six
Leslie's Cubes
Lever Balance
Lift Pump
Light Box and Optical Set
Light Reflecting Unit
Light Transmission Measurement
Linear Expansion Apparatus
Linear Expansion Apparatus (Micrometer Type)
Linear Measurements
Linear, Air Track
Linear, Air Track Accessories Kit
Liquid Displacement Vessel
Liquid Expansion Apparatus
Lloyd's Mirror
Lummer Brodhum Photometer
Lux Meter

** M **

Magdeburg Hemispheres
Magnetic Needle with Stand
Magnetising and Demagnetising Solenoid
Magnetometer, Deflection
Magnet Bar
Magnet Cylindrical
Magnet Horse Shoe
Max and Mm Thermometer Six's
Mechanical Stages
Meeker Burner
Megohm Box
Megohm Meter
Mercury Tong
Metal Stand for Hoffman Voltameter
Metallic Cube
Meter Bridge Carey Foster's
Meter Demo Inter Scale
Meter Lux
Meter Scales
Meter, Demonstration
Meter, Demonstration Extra Large
Meter, Desk Type
Meters Portable Electrodynamic Type
Michelson I nterferometer
Micro Ammeters
Micro Slide Boxes
Micrometer Eyepiece
Micrometer Screw Gauge
Micrometer Sextant
Micrometer Slit
Microscope Dissecting
Microscope Laboratory
Microscope Linear Measuring
Microscope School
Microtome Rotary Precision
Microtome Hand
Microtome Hand and Table
Microtome Rocking
Milli Voltmeters
Mirror Lloyd's
Mirror Set of Three
Mirror Strip with Holder
Mirror Concave
Mirror Convex
Modular Interferometer
Mohr Clip
Moving Coil Meters

** N **

Needle Magnetic with Stand
Nessler's Cylinder
Newton's Colour Disc
Newton's Rings Apparatus
Nodal Slider
Null Detectors

** O **

Oersted's Apparatus
Opaque Projector
Optical Bench (wooden)
Optical Benches
Optical Disc, Hartley's
Optical Pointer
Optics Kt Composite
Organ Pipe

** P **

Panel Mounting Type Meters
Pendulum Bob
Pendulum Compound Reversible
Pendulum Kater Reversible
Periorated Cover Rheostats
Photometer Bench
Phototiming Gate
Physical Balance
Physical Fractional Weight Box
Physical Weight Box
Pin Centering
Pin-hole Camera Kit
Pipette Volumetric
Pith Ball Pendulum Tate's
Pith Ball
Plane Glass Plate
Plane Inclined
Piano Convex Lens
Plate, Copper
Platinum Electrode
Plotting Compass
Plug Key
Plug Key
Plug Type P0 Boxes
Plug Type Resistance Boxes
Pointer Optical
Polarimeter Tube
Polarising Polaroid
Portable Meters
Portable Permanent Magnet Meters
Portable Wheatstone Bridge
Post office Box Dial Type
Post office Box Plug Type
Post Office Boxes
Powell's Wave Machine
Power Supplies
Power Supply
Precision Spectrometer
Press, Braman's
Press, Cork
Press, Hydraulic
Prism Equilateral
Prism Right Angled
Projection Bulb for Optical Expt.
Proof Plane
Pulley Clamp Pattern
Pulley Differential
Pulley Double
Pulley Single
Pulley Tripple
Pump Force
Pump Lift
Push Button Type Meters

** R **

Ray Box Accessories
Ray Optics Kit
Ray Track Apparatus
Reading Telescope
Reflecting Type Galvanometers
Regulated Power Supplies
Research Spectrometer
Resistance Boxes Dial Type
Resistance Boxes Plug Type
Resistance Bridges
Resistance Coils
Resistance Meter Digital
Resistance Standard
Resonance Apparatus
Resonance Apparatus Simple
Retort Clamp
Retort Stand
Retort Stand Ring
Reversing Key MIP, Commutator
Reversing Key, Commutator
Ring Retort
Ring and Ball Apparatus
Ripple Tank
Rack, Test Tube
Rocking Microtome
Rotary Microtome, Precision

** S **

Sand Bath
Savart's Tooth wheel
Scale for Reading Telescope
School Microscope
Screen Fluorescent
Seebeck's Siren Disc
Self Centering Lens Holder
Senior Optical Bench
Sensitive Galvanometer
Set of Three Mirrors
Sextant Micrometer
Sextant Stand
Sharpner, Cork borer
Simple Cell
Simple Polarimeter
Simple Reading Telescope
Simple Slit
Single Push Button Type Meters
Single Tube Rheostat
Siren with Indicator
Siren, Seebeck's
Slab, glass
Slide Projector
Slide wire Rheostat
Slit with Both Jaws Movable
Slotted Weight
Solenoid, Magnetising & Demagnetising
Specific Gravity Bottle
Specific Heat Cylinders Equal in Mass
Specific Heat Cylinders Equal in Size
Spherical Conductor
Spirit Lamp Glass
Split Field Polariser
Spoon, Deflagrating
Spot Reflecting Galvanometer
Spouting Cylinder
Spring Balance
Stage, Mechanical
Stand Burette
Stand Metal
Stand Retort
Stand Test Tube
Stand Tripod
Stand for Sextant
Stand, Funnel
Standard Cell
Standard Reading Telescope
Standard Resistances
Standard Slit
Standard Spectrometer
Steam Boiler
Steam Engine, Electrically Operated
Sieering Mechanism
Steam Engine Locomotive
Steam Engine, Fuel Type
Strip Compound
Stroboscope, Hand Held
Stroboscope, Motor Driven
Student Meters
Student's Spectrometer
Super Sensitive Galvanometer

** T **

Table, whirling
Tangent Galvanometer
Tapping Key
Telegraph Sounder Key
Telescope Dioptric
Telescope Reading
Telescope, Astronomical
Test Tube Holder
Test Tube Rack
Test Tube Rack Z Type
Test Tube Stand
Thermal Conductivity Apparatus Lee's
Thermometer Six's Maximum and Minimum
Ticker Tape Timer
Timer Centisecond
Timer Ticker Tape
Tongs Beaker
Tongs Crucible
Tongs Mercury
Tooth Wheel, Savart's
Track, Dynamic Trolley
Training Modules Assembled
Training Modules Transparencies
Training Modules Unassembled
Transformer, Auto
Transformer, Demo
Transformer, Set; Demountable
Triangular Iron Wire
Triple Bearn Balance
Tripod Stand Circular
Tripod Stand Triangular
Trolley, Dynamic
Trolley, Fletcher's
Tube Polarimeter
Tube, Centrifuge Graduated
Tuning Fork
Tuning Fork on Resonance Box
Turbine/Pump Module
Two-Stroke Petrol Engine
Twymangreen I nterferometer

** U **

U-Tube Apparatus
Universal Force Table
Universal Interferometer
Universal Lens Holder

** V **

Vacuum Tubes
Vacuum Tube Voltmeter
Van De Graft Generator
Variable Resistance Box
Variable Rheostat
Vee Support
Vernier Calliper
Vernier Microscope
Vibration Galvanometer
Volt Ratio Box
Voltage Source Constant
Voltameter, Copper
Voltameter, Hoffman

** W **

Wankel Rotary Engine Model
Wave Apparatus
Wave Apparatus Demonstration Model
Water Bath
Water Bath Electric
Water Bath Thermostatically Controlled
Water Distillation Apparatus
Watt Meters
Watt's Governor
Wave Form Helix
Wave Machine, Powells
Weights Analytical
Weights Analytical Fractional
Weights Physical
Weights Physical Fractional
Weights Slotted
West Minister Electromagnetic Kit
Wet and Dry Bulb Hygrometer
Wheatstone Bridge
Wheel and Axle
Whirling Table
WImshurt's Machine
Wind Vane
Wire Gauge Iron

** X **

X-Ray Box
X-Ray Tube
X-Y-Z Motion Carriage
X-Y-Z with Rotational Motion Carriage

** Y **

Young's Double Slit
Young's Modulus Apparatus Searle's Pattern
Young's Modulus Apparatus